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SVFG is a boutique outsourced financial operations, accounting, and CFO consulting firm that specializes exclusively on the requirements of venture-backed startups.

Financial Operations Evolved

From pre-launch to IPO, we handle all your financial needs. Build an amazing product, world-class team, attract customers, and increase your sales; we'll be in the background managing your entire financial strategy and day-to-day books.

Industry Expertise

Our client base covers a broad range of technology, e-commerce, financial services, media, professional services, and life sciences industries. We've developed industry expertise in each of these categories and establish industry best practices that enable our clients to maximize their visibility within their industry.

Our Team

SVFG is a team of seasoned CFOs, finance accounting, and human resources professionals with deep experience in venture-backed startups. We work closely with our clients across their operations, from the day to day accounting, finance and human resources operations to more strategic CFO advice and projects. Our seasoned CFOs collectively bring 50 years of venture-backed startup experience in which they have helped companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars of funding.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The team at SVFG was instrumental in transitioning our accounting processes and systems from a boot-strapped operation into an enterprise-ready finance and accounting function. Having access to turnkey support and CFO advisory services during the early stages of OhHeyWorld has enabled us to focus on those aspects of the business that are most critical to our success. Highly recommended."

"SVFG helped transform our company from one woman’s dream to a venture backed growing company. In addition to establishing our accounting and financial systems, the firm helped us establish HR policies, secure insurance, manage 409A valuations, meet tax requirements, and secure financing for our growing vehicle fleet. Our consulting CFO was especially instrumental in our most recent Series B financing. I would recommend my SVFG team to other CEO’s, but I don’t want anyone stealing their time!"

"The team at SVFG led by Seann has been a tremendous help for us. Not only were we able to outsource all of our accounting work to them with full confidence in flawless execution, we are able to rely on their experience and counsel in various financing strategy related items. We would highly recommend SVFG to any startup that wants to focus on their core business execution and outsource the rest."

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